EKO Group donates 1 million RMB to Nanxiong Middle School to support the development of its teaching staff.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Mr. James Chen, the founder and CEO of EKO Group, returned to his alma mater, Nanxiong Middle School, to make a donation to support the development of the school’s teaching staff. The ceremony was attended by leaders such as Lin Xiaolong, the Secretary of the Nanxiong Municipal Party Committee, He Renping, the Chairman of the Nanxiong Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Wu Liangbin, the Deputy Mayor of the Nanxiong Municipal Government, Tian Wenbin, the Director of the Nanxiong Municipal Education Bureau, and all teachers and students of the school.

As an outstanding alumnus of Nanxiong Middle School, Mr. James Chen is deeply attached to his alma mater and grateful to his teachers. For three consecutive years, he has personally donated a total of 1 million yuan to reward outstanding teachers who have made significant contributions to the teaching course of Nanxiong Middle School.


During the donation ceremony,Mr. James gave a speech, “Nanxiong Middle School is the place where I received selfless help and earnest teachings on my path of growth. It has always been my wish to do what I can for my alma mater. As a student who has achieved some success nurtured by Nanxiong Middle School, it is my greatest honor and happiness to contribute my humble efforts to the teachers, classmates, and hometown that raised me.”

Since its establishment, EKO Group has always been aware of its social responsibility, not forgetting to support the development of hometown education with practical actions while growing and developing. It actively practices social responsibility, awakens more social forces with small actions, and jointly spreads love, contributing to the cause of national education with light and warmth!

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