Adhering to the ingenuity, we set sail again! The groundbreaking ceremony of EKO’s Kitchen Waste Management Project was successfully held.

On June 28, 2021, the Guangdong Province Major Projects Concentrated Commencement Ceremony for the Second Quarter of 2021 (Jiangmen Sub-venue) was held in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City. At the same time, Xinhui District held the Concentrated Commencement (Production) Ceremony for Major Projects in the Second Quarter and the “Two Looks, Two Comparisons” activity.

On that day, the EKO Kitchen Waste Management Project was among the projects that participated in the concentrated construction activities. During the ceremony for the completion of the 18 key projects (engineering) in the three major ten-thousand-acre parks in Xinhui, EKO Group CEO, Mr. James Chen took the stage to deliver a speech.

He stated that EKO’s Kitchen Waste Management Project launched in the Daze Industrial Park in Xinhuai will strive to build a world-class modern factory – an “Industry 4.0 intelligent factory”, constructing a fully intelligent logistics system, highly automated production processes, and an information management model, achieving full process digitization and intelligent control for product manufacturing, testing, warehousing, dispatching, and service.

The project has a total investment of 500 million yuan and covers an area of 98 mu with a total construction area of approximately 170,000 square meters. The plan is to produce 1.5 million EKO smart sensor bins per month and export them to more than 100 countries, providing global consumers with highly technological and user-friendly high-end products. The project also aims to innovate and develop commercial and household kitchen waste treatment equipment, committed to achieving reduction, resource utilization, and harmless on-site treatment of domestic waste.

In the future, EKO will fully integrate advantageous resources, form excellent teams, and strive to start production as soon as possible, contributing to the economic development of Jiangmen city.

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