Gexi Fragrance Granules


Special breathable membrane technology, lasting fragrance for 4-6 weeks

-Three flavors: blue ocean, poetic rose and fresh forest
-The special imported breathable membrane technology can effectively volatilize the fragrance
-4-6 weeks long fragrance effect


  • 4ml/piece
    3 pieces/1 group

Color option

  • Peel off the protective aluminium foil from the back of the capsule

  • Suitable for use in an internal deodorizer compartment or with the EKO perfume capsule holder

  • Place the capsule into the holder or compartment, with the back of the capsule facing out
  • Three scents: Blue Ocean, Charming Rose, Fresh Forest
  • 4-6 weeks long freshness
  • Special membrane filter for gradual release of fragrance
  • 4ml/each capsul